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Dallas Education and Special Education attorney David Bunger brings to the Bunger Law Firm more than 11 years of experience as a School Psychologist and 18 years as a professor of Psychology in various colleges and Universities throughout the state of Texas.  Mr. Bunger is well versed in the statutes and regulatory provisions governing Section 504 and Special Education Services under IDEA.


Dave Bunger began a successful career in 1995 in schools. During his career in public schools as a Licensed School Psychologist, Dave conducted extensive assessments of children with psychological and educational challenges. He assisted in the Admission Review and Dismissal (ARD) process for provision of special education services and advised Section 504 committees in the implementation of academic and behavioral accommodations.

Dave also worked extensively on the development of educational programs to assist in monitoring the behavior of emotionally disturbed children. Dave spent countless hours providing knowledgeable, helpful, and caring therapy to individuals and families suffering from mental health issues. His special interest in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder has garnered great success in assisting families as a school psychologist and now as a relentless advocate.

Under Federal and State law every child is entitled to a "free and appropriate public education" or FAPE, whereby the school addresses all of a child's unique needs. A school district must provide each child with an appropriate education regardless of budget cuts, convenience to the staff or school district, or the availability of resources or programs. Too often the school district offers a "one size fits all" program that fits within their needs, but not within the unique needs of your child. Ensuring that your child’s education comes first means having the right team on your side. An effective team works cooperatively and collaboratively with the school district, using their knowledge, expertise and experience to foster quick and effective resolutions.

Attorney Dave Bunger understands Special Education, having been involved as a practitioner for over 11 years in school districts all over North Texas. Mr.  Bunger has been involved in hundreds of evaluations, ARD Committee Meetings, training of teachers and staff and planning programming for special needs children.  Mr. Bunger knows the process involved in assessing and providing services for special needs children and assists his clients in obtaining the remedy that is best for the child.

In Texas public schools, the process for determining educational need and designating how children with special educational needs will be be served by the school is the ARD Committee meeting.  Admission, Review and Dismissal meetings must occur at least once year, but may also occur more frequently depending on the needs of the child.  Parents have the right to participate in and request an ARD meeting to determine the handicapping condition, placement at school, modifications to the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and other matters taken up by the ARD committee.

Parents often feel overwhelmed and outnumbered while attending ARD meetings. School officials routinely meet prior to the ARD meeting to create proposals for the committee to consider. Often the school personnel know the process better than the parents and may be insensitive to the anxiety and concerns that the parents may have about their child’s special needs. Sometimes, it may appear that a decision has been made before the ARD meeting took place and without the input of the parents.

Attending a contested ARD Meeting not being outnumbered or feeling overwhelmed by working with a special education attorney like Dave Bunger who will assert your rights and advocate for your child’s education and dignity.

Call Special Education Attorney Dave Bunger at the Bunger Law Firm so that he can assist you with your child’s special education needs. 


Education Attorney Dave Bunger has developed a practice in the area of education law to assist parents and their children who are experiencing difficulties within public or private schools.  These issues include disciplinary actions against students, due process violations, abuse by school personnel, injuries while at school, and discrimination. In addition to assisting parents in protecting the rights of their children, Mr. Bunger has extensive experience assisting employees of schools facing termination or other forms of reprimands and employees who are injured by students while they are performing their duties at the school.