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Paternity Attorney Protecting Father's Rights


Although it is a commonly held belief that mothers are given an advantage when it comes to child custody issues, times are changing.  Dallas Family Law Attorney Dave Bunger zealously represents fathers in custody matters and has the experience and dedication necessary to be effective in resolving these extremely important matters with the best outcome possible.


Father’s Rights
The traditional mindset affecting fathers in custody cases is that fathers are principally the breadwinners and are not typically involved in the rearing and relationship building of their children.  Mothers are often thought to be more capable of caring for and nurturing the children than the father.  In fact, trends in court rulings have been that in custody situations, the children are often placed with the mother, even in situations in which the father would be a better placement.

Courts are now showing a shift in their thinking in that they are beginning to recognize that a relationship between a father and his child is equally as important and necessary to the child as the relationship to their mother.  It is no longer the situation in which parents split up leaving the relationship between the father and his children diminished with limited time and contact.

There are also occasions in which the mother of the child does not allow the father access to the child for visitations and contact.  This can occur even when court orders are in place that provide for specific possession and access of the child by the father.  Dave Bunger is experienced in assisting fathers establish their parental rights and gaining court ordered possession and access of their children. 

Under Texas Law when a child is born to a married couple the husband is presumed to be the father. When a child is born into an unmarried family there is no presumption as to who the father is. With the use of DNA analysis paternity can be determined with nearly 100 percent accuracy.  In some cases the father is not granted access to the child and does not have any rights with respect to making decisions about the child’s education, place of residence and other decisions about the children that are made.  A father can assert their rights through legal process.  Attorney Dave Bunger zealously represents fathers who have difficulties obtaining custody rights and possession and access of  their children.

Assistance for Mothers
Undoubtedly there are occasions when a father does not take responsibility for a child, leaving the mother and child without adequate support.  These cases are also resolved using DNA testing and other evidence to establish parentage.  Once parentage has been established the court will often order support for the child.

Whether you are a mother seeking assistance in determining paternity and support for your child, or you are a father who is being denied rights to your child Dallas family law attorney Dave Bunger will assist you in establishing paternity and asserting your rights to visitation and support.  Mr. Bunger fully understands that a parent’s child is the most important person in their life and he will relentlessly work on your behalf to assist you in obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.
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