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LGBT Cases


At the Bunger law firm we believe families come in many different forms. We are committed to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples achieve their short- and long-term goals for their family.

Dallas Texas LGBT Lawyer

Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered people experience many of the same family law issues that people in other traditional relationships experience.  However, there are many complexities when addressing LGBT family law issues that are very different from the traditional families.  Family law for same-sex couples changed dramatically in 2015 due to the ground-breaking U.S. Supreme Court case calling for the legalization of same-sex marriages in all states, including Texas.  Nonetheless, same-sex couples and couples including a person who is transgendered often face unique family law challenges, such as:

Same-sex divorce or gay divorce and dissolution of domestic partnerships
Speak with an experienced Family Law Attorney who is knowledgeable about the procedures in dissolving relationships that are not based on a traditional marriage to discuss whether a divorce or other form of legal action is appropriate and necessary under your circumstances.

LGBT Adoption
There may be obstacles when one partner plans to adopt as a second parent of a child born to the other partner.  There are many complexities that can arise from this type of parenting decision.  Also, there are implications that arise when LGBT couples wish to adopt a child that is not biologically related to either partner.  Dave Bunger, at the Bunger Law Firm can answer your questions and assist you with making the decisions that will work for you and will help you through the legal challenges that may come your way while achieving your goals of expanding your family. 

Child custody and visitation
A common situation that occurs within the LGBT community is when a couple have parented a child together and are separated or planning to separate or divorce. The relationship between each partner and the child is one that if dramatically changed could be extremely detrimental to the parties, especially the child.  Obtaining guidance from a lawyer who is committed to protecting your parent-child relationship and the best interests of the child is crucial in resolving these very complicated and emotional family law challenges.

Family Law Attorney Dave Bunger will explain the legal implications of the break-up, and address what rights that may exist and what procedures to take in order to assert those rights, while also assisting you in navigating through the complex and emotional challenges that occur during these kind of legal problems.

Special issues for same-sex couples who do not marry:
For some people in a LGBT relationship that has developed into a life-long partnership they may choose not to marry.  In those cases it is important to receive guidance from an attorney who understands the intricacies regarding cohabitation or dissolution of a partnership and the legal rights having to do with real estate ownership, inheritance rights, health care directives, hospital visitation rights, health insurance and life insurance benefits.

Call The Bunger Law Firm and speak with an attorney who can assist you with your LGBT family law matter.