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“Facing a legal issue is like having a car problem, a plumbing problem, and a physical ailment all at the same time.  All are stressful and require the assistance of a seasoned professional.”

Dave Bunger, ​​​​​​​Attorney At Law​​​​​​​


Family Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer The Bunger Law Firm, P.C.

The Modern Family is presented with multiple and complex legal issues that can be overwhelming to most people. At The Bunger Law Firm, we assist families in all areas of family law issues, including divorce, complex marital estate divorces, complex LGBT cases, child custody, child support, paternity, termination of parental rights, grandparents’ rights, adoptions and child protective services (CPS) cases.  We are family law lawyers who care.

Dave Bunger understands the emotional and financial toll that family law matters can have on people going through such legal difficulties. Mr. Bunger will help to guide you through this very troubling experience.   Mr. Bunger is dedicated towards assisting each of his clients achieve an acceptable result while keeping the costs of representation reasonable. If the case necessitates litigation, Mr. Bunger is a very experienced litigator and will fight for you every step of the way. Our experience has allowed us to represent clients in divorce, child custody and many other family law issues.

The Bunger Law Firm is a Dallas Divorce and family law attorney that is centrally located to serve Dallas, Collin, Denton and Kaufman Counties. If you or a loved one is in need of high-quality, reasonably-priced family law services, contact the Bunger Law Firm today to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

Family Law Lawyer in Dallas Texas

We are a reputable and honest Dallas law firm that focuses on helping those in need during a family crisis.  Dave Bunger is a Dallas divorce lawyer that actually cares about your family's welfare.  If you are going through a divorce, it can be a trying time.  You need a divorce attorney with experience and empathy to help guide you through the legal process and through the probate courts as smoothly as possible.  We are experienced and aggressive and will fight for all of your rights.  

We have expertise in most divorce or family law cases including child custody, child support, post judgements, paternity and father's rights, adoptions, LGBT and even adoption cases.  We can also handle divorce mediation and common law divorces.   We are a well versed family law firm that is a leader in honest representation and will provide a strategic and thorough plan of attack, and will communicate and walk you through each step of the way..  We have a proven track record, and the expertise to help you in your family law matter.  If you are in the Dallas, Denton or Collin counties, we would love to hear about your case and find out how we can help you in your divorce or family law issue. 


Do I need a family law attorney?
This is an easy and difficult question to answer.  To use an example, consider this: for most people when their plumbing breaks they would likely call a plumber, because the plumber has specialized training necessary to repair whatever plumbing issues there are. This of course, is the same for car repairs, electricians, etc.  Legal issues can present with a very wide range of complexities.  However, the most important thing to understand is that there are many rules and procedures that govern the process and activities of presenting and disposing of a legal matter with the court system.  Not having an understanding of the procedures, applicable laws and rules, can be devastating when faced without the expertise of an attorney.  

What is a retainer for family law services and what is it for?

For purposes of our law practice a retainer is an initial payment made by a client to the firm so that we can begin services.  Most of the cases that the Bunger Law Firm represent clients with are fee based cases.  These case are billed out on an hourly basis rather than a flat fee.  The initial retainer is placed in a trust account commonly referred to as an IOLTA account.  Only after work has been done on the case is the client’s funds that are held in the IOLTA available to the firm.  If the case is completed and there are still funds in the IOLTA, the funds will be returned to the client